Amnesty: 5 Key Recommendations for ASP 16

Today, Amnesty International releases its five ‘Initial Recommendations to the 16th Session of the Assembly of States Parties’. The paper makes recommendations on a number of important issues under consideration at the 16th Assembly session, which takes place in New York from 4 to 14 December 2017.

The Initial Recommendations paper prioritises matters which are essential to ensure the effectiveness and credibility of the ICC, including its compliance with human rights and effective oversight by the Assembly. A number of issues are of relevance to the ASP’s Working Group on Amendments in its work leading up to the 16th Session, as well as to states parties and other interested parties preparing for the upcoming Assembly session.

Amnesty International’s initial five recommendations are:

Recommendation 1: States Parties should make strong statements in support of the ICC and highlight key issues during the general debate and discussions regarding the 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute.

Recommendation 2: The Assembly should adopt amendments to Article 8 expressly defining the employment or use of certain weapons as war crimes.

Recommendation 3: Proposals to amend Rule 165 must be considered in accordance with the Rome Statute and any amendments must fully respect the rights of the accused in Article 70 proceedings.

Recommendation 4: The Assembly should formally reject proposed amendments to Rule 76(3).

Recommendation 5: The Assembly should adopt clear and binding procedures for states parties to consult with the ICC pursuant to Article 97 aimed at ensuring cooperation.

As a number of issues are still under consideration in the lead up to the 16th session, we may update our recommendations, comment on other issues and respond to developments on this website.

The Recommendations can be found below in English and French.


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