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Bemba fair trials ICC Appeals Chamber that on 8 June acquitted Mr Bemba from charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity

Time to Clarify ICC Rules on Admission of Evidence

In this third opinion piece on the Bemba Appeals Judgment, Amnesty’s International Justice Team considers the majority’s criticisms of the Trial Chamber’s admission and adjudication of evidence. It considers measures that the ICC should take to clarify that ICC Rules require Chambers to determine the admissibility of all evidence promptly and transparently during the trial.

Laurent Gbagbo in ICC Courtroom

Laurent Gbagbo, interim release, and the ‘interests of justice’

Chiara Loiero, Legal Assistant at Amnesty International’s Centre for International Justice, considers the ICC Appeals Chamber’s recent decision to reject Laurent Gbagbo’s notice of appeal against Trial Chamber I’s latest refusal to grant him interim release during his trial.