Treaty development/ standard setting

— Issues

  • The problematic formulation of persecution under the Draft Convention on crimes against humanity

    Since the International Law Commission (ILC) decided to include the subject ‘crimes against humanity’ into its long-term program of work…

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  • Remoteness in itself cannot serve as a defence to command responsibility

    In this fifth opinion piece reviewing the Bemba Appeal Judgment (find the previous ones here, here,…

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  • Bemba fair trials ICC Appeals Chamber that on 8 June acquitted Mr Bemba from charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity

    Making Sense of Command Responsibility

    In this fourth opinion piece on the Bemba Appeals Judgment (find the previous ones here, here…

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  • Amnesty

    17-Point Program for a Convention on Crimes Against Humanity

    Amnesty International's recommendations to enhance the text of the Draft Articles on crimes against humanity, provisionally approved by the ILC…

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  • Amnesty International: Key Recommendations for ASP16

    Amnesty International's updated key recommendations to the upcoming 16th Session of the Assembly of States Parties of the ICC.

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  • Commentary to 3rd Report on Crimes Against Humanity

    Amnesty International's comments and suggestions in relation to the Special Rapporteur's 3rd report on draft articles for a potential Convention…

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